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Duck Hunters in the Jersey Shore area are privileged to enjoy an area known for its wildlife prosperity. It's hundreds of thousands of wetland acres, hundreds of miles of serene shoreline and an exorbitant amount of lakes, rivers and streams has produced a truly vast abundance of wildlife.

Although New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the United States, hunters from out of town should not be fooled by the jam packed industrial phenomenon they may find when arriving at Newark Airport. After just a short drive south on the Garden State Parkway, between the areas of Sandy Hook to Cape May is where you’ll find the Jersey Shore. Renowned for its gorgeous shoreline, the Jersey Shore is also revered for itsfocused tradition of wildlife preservation.

Jersey Shore Duckmen will be posting comments, as well as photos from our hunts on the beautiful terrain and wetlands we enjoy. This site will also serve as a forum for Duck Hunters all over the state to communicate and network with one another to create a better all around Duck Hunting experience. This will also allow hunters to work more closely together to help one another become more knowledgeable of Jersey Shore
Duck Hunting.