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Duck Hunters in the Jersey Shore area are privileged to enjoy an area known for its wildlife prosperity. It's hundreds of thousands of wetland acres, hundreds of miles of serene shoreline and an exorbitant amount of lakes, rivers and streams has produced a truly vast abundance of wildlife.

The Jersey Shore Duckmen put together this site for both novice and veteran duck hunters. This site intends to provide information to those interested in the sport and for those who would like to have up to date information on what’s happening in regards to duck hunting in our area. When I started duck hunting I had to learn the ins and outs on my own. That is why I put together this site. For the novice hunter who is interested so that they may have information available to them as well the ability to compare notes with other hunters in the area. Duck hunting is a constantly evolving sport. There is always something new to learn no matter how experienced the hunter is. Hunting is a great sport that has helped me stay off the couch and out of trouble. More importantly it provides those with peace of mind and ongoing American tradition. It is important that the duck hunter follows the laws of the land and hunting practices that are safe. This site is a great means to compile information, practices and upcoming duck hunting news to help the new duck hunter become more educated with the help of more experienced hunters in the area. More importantly this site will essentially provide a means of communication and networking between fellow Jersey Shore Duck Hunters.

Good hunting!